Welcome to Sedona Earth Knits!

Welcome to my new ‘store’ – I’ll be sharing dyeing photos, fleece processing photos, beauty shots of my lovely antique wheel, and finished products that are for sale.  I am a spinner, a knitter and crocheter, and a weaver; I will be posting a variety of products in the near future.

I prefer to buy local and sustainably produced fleeced and products whenever possible, and when it’s not practical I buy from small, family owned businesses. I use natural dyes, food coloring, and occasionally an acid dye.  The type of dye will always be listed in the product details, along with processing method and time to create.

I hope you come back to visit often, and I also hope that my products give you as much enjoyment in the use of them as I had in the making of them!

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One Response to Welcome to Sedona Earth Knits!

  1. Cori says:

    hi susan! it was great to meet you today! the shawlette you had on today was just amazingly outstanding!! i love the way you were wearing it and the colors…well, stunning!
    i will keep up with your store! thanks for emailing me the link! look forward to seeing more beautiful work from you!! many blessings!! :o)

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