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Sedona EarthKnits

IMAG0963Casper the Friendly Alpaca DK weight 2 ply yarn.  Check out the store for more details!

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Arizona Tartan dish towels

IMAG0935Arizona Tartan towels at SedonaEarthKnits

$30 per towel, $6 shipping, $2 for each additional item.

Dish towel woven in the official Arizona Tartan design. I chose slightly different colors than the official pattern to reflect the particular beauty of the Verde Valley, Prescott, and Sedona areas.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I was inspired to change the colors to reflect my local area. The blue I used is a deeper blue to represent the waters of the Granite Dells area and the Verde River. The cream I chose to represent the chalk cliffs and banks of the Verde Valley. The brown is a reddish brown I chose to represent the red rocks of Sedona and Beaver Creek.

The green represents the forests of Northern Arizona; the red represents the Native Americans; the Mexican flag stripes honor the contributions of Hispanics to our state; the yellow represents gold.

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New product and new store!


I grew up on a lake back east; I dyed this with the bright green of the grass, the darker green of the trees, the blue green of the algae, and the blue of the water in mind.

This is a 6 oz braid of hand dyed alpaca top which was originally a silver grey color.  I dyed it in a crockpot I use specifically for soaps and dyeing.  I bought a starter kit of Greener Shades dyes recently from a friend who is a distributor; they are dyes that use no chrome or tin to brighten colors and therefore are safer to dump in sewers, and onto garden beds.  While my favorite way to dye is with food coloring – easy, bright fun colors – the darker colors tend to “break” meaning they are a mix of lighter and darker dyes, and under the heat stress of dyeing they separate into their constituent colors rather than dyeing the color you want.  Blue, purple, and black are notorious for this.

This braid is for sale in my ArtFire shop and is currently the ONLY thing I have for sale there.  This evening I hope to take more photos of my hand spun yarns to put up in the shop; this will take some time because while I tracked the yardage while I was skeining, I couldn’t put tags on them until after I washed them and so I need to recount each skein for yardage before I put them up for sale.  I really need to figure out a better way to do this.

There will be more offerings soon so visit often!

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Creating an store for my products

I have an online store I am working on, if I can ever get the redirect to work when you click on this blog link it will take you to the store – but in the mean time, please go to .  I’ll be adding things to various categories over the coming days and weeks, so check back often!


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Why do hand knit items cost so much???

How much for that sweater in the window

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Colonial/Slate Blue kitchen towels

These towels are hand woven and measure 13.75 inches by 24.5 inches.  They were made using yarn purchased at a silent auction our guild puts on every year to raise money for our scholarship fund.  All of the items come from members’ personal stashes of fiber, so this is recycled yarn of a sort.

The towels are 100% cotton, and are made with cotton boucle to add absorbency and texture like a terry cloth towel.  They are extremely absorbent and heavy duty.

Time to warp:  8 hours.  Time to weave each towel:  4 hours.  Time to finish: 2 hours.  Machine wash warm, tumble dry.  I would not recommend fabric softener as it negatively affects the absorbency.

These towels are $15 each or two for $25.  They make great gifts as well!  There are five left from my previous sales, so don’t wait!

Thank you for looking, and check back soon.  Email me at sedonaearthknits AT mail DOT com if you are interested with the number you would like and I will send you an invoice.

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Snowy Spring Shawlette

This is a hand spun hand knit shawl made using a pre-dyed 80% merino wool and 20% silk blend.

I re-carded the fiber as I didn’t like how the silk was slubby and added a scant amount of angelina.  The photo shows it as more of a yellow green than it is; below is a closeup that is truer to the color.

Time to recard:  2 hours.  Time to spin: 9 hours.  Time to knit:  20 hours.  683 yards, 8 ounces.

This shawlette is approximately 15 inches long, and is made so that it will not slip off the shoulders by adding wedges to make it just slightly more than a half circle or triangle shape, as you can see from the above picture.

$60 plus actual shipping to your location.  Please email me at sedonaearthknits AT if you are interested.

Thank you for looking!

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